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The Great Energy Impact on Earth and humanity on May the 12th, 2010

The Great Energy Impact on Earth and humanity on May the 12th, 2010


As has been announced to us by the Hellenic Network of Consciousness - a credible esoteric group that is confirmed to be inspired and guided by high rank enlightened spiritual beings - on May 12th 2010 the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy begun a top importance operation for the rescue and the spiritual upgrading of humanity and the “earthy school” as a whole.

As the Master "Greek" has also commented about, this operation -the greatest and most determinative one in our known history of humanity- was deemed to be as most urgent, due to that the forces of darkness that influence our planet are rapidly promoting the evolving degradation and spiritual decline of humankind, as well as the destruction of the earthly environment.

Here are certain characteristics of the operation having already been disclosed by the Superior Hierarchy to chosen people and groups around the world:

1. The beginning of the esoteric realms intervention occurred with a great impact of spiritual energies that took place on May 12th “sweeping” the whole of the Earth

2. The massive spiritual energies that were disposed, aim at a double goal and result: a) To impress their particular personal mission upon the mind of every spiritually evolved and receptive person, which is laid upon them in the framework of the overall Rescue Plan of the Hierarchy and b) the activation of specific spiritual gifts and powers to hundreds of thousands of chosen people around the globe, whose contribution will help with the promotion of the Plan of Light.

3. The first results of the impact of May 12th will be manifested on June 6th 2010, in the form of certain initial realisations of our personal mission or, of our oncoming spiritual gifts. Nevertheless, the whole settling of the energies of May 12th will be completed within the next two years. The whole duration of the implementation of the Plan -until the final prevalence of the Forces of Light, the rescue of humanity and the spiritual upgrading of our planet- is anticipated to last around thirty years.


4. The Spiritual Rescue Plan shall not be represented by some kind of human leader or organisation, but for safety reasons, shall be co-ordinated “from above”, from the inner, spiritual realms. This way, each person or group that participates, shall implement a special part of the Plan for which they will have been chosen and will be responsible for, while the whole picture of the operation will be known and will remain exclusively under the control of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

5. The spiritual energies of the impact of May address to the whole of humanity. Nevertheless, they will be disposed through a huge planetary network, whose nodal points shall be thousands of spiritually evolved people and groups, with an increased receptivity and attitude to offer, around which the rest of our planet’s population shall coil.

6. For the better assimilation of the energies of May 12th during the next two years, the following things are suggested by the Hierarchy: A) Frequent physical cleansing (a light and healthy diet, bathing on a daily basis etc.) B) Avoidance of intense physical strain C) Prevalence of frequent periods of psychic tranquillity and spiritual contemplation. D) For the day of June 6th itself (the same applies for other significant dates which will be announced in time), prayer, meditation, reflection and by and large achieving conditions for spiritual receptivity, away from the usual conditions of everyday life. 


There will soon be more announcements with regards to the operation of the Hierarchy, according to the new data that will be made known to us...

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